Three Small Houses

These three houses are nestled in a small patch of woods in the suburbs of Richmond, VA. The entire location seems an odd place to just be completely forgotten. There are schools, traffic, and all other signs of suburban life in the area surrounding this vacant property. The roads are overgrown and barely visible. The main road, quaintly named "Sunrise Boulevard," seems to have lost some of the charm that may have been present when these properties were inhabited and maintained.

Even by antebellum standards, these houses are all very small. If ever there was a free-standing equivalent of an efficiency apartment, this would be it. There is a calendar on one wall from the year 1995, so it is safe to assume these houses have been vacant since that time. it never ceases to amaze me just how quickly nature can take over an abandoned structure. In one of the houses, the roof has collapsed, and multiple 20-foot tall trees grow out of the rubble that used to be the floor.