Reservoir Inn

This lakefront hotel is situated on a beautiful reservoir in Chesterfield, VA. It was originally built in 1992 and then remodeled in 2002. It was closed in 2006 and has sat vacant ever since. The marina in front of the hotel is still currently in use, while the buildings themselves are overgrown with weeds and brush. The hotel consists of 60 townhouse suite style rooms. Amenities in the facility include a restaurant, conference rooms, and outdoor pool.


Compared to many of the buildings I have photographed, this one is surprisingly modern. The overall style here feels like beachfront townhomes. The decorations are straight out of the 1990’s. The hallways have significant ceiling damage, with insulation crumbling down all around. There is an exterior awning on the second floor that is almost entirely collapsed. The pool contains several years’ worth of grime and rainwater. Some of the rooms are surprisingly complete, while others have smashed televisions and significant mold accumulation on the walls. It’s hard to say whether this facility is beyond saving, but the structure will definitely need a lot of rebuilding if it will ever be reused.