Ravenloft Castle

As with most castles built in the United States, this one in Upstate New York was modeled after a much larger castle in Europe. The owner had it built as a gift to his wife. He was reportedly very particular about the style of the construction, and would have the masons tear down entire sections of the castle and rebuild them to suit his changing preferences. The castle was completed in 1921, the same year that the owner died. His wife was committed to a sanitarium shortly afterwards, leaving their daughter alone with her caretakers and an enormous newfound wealth. She eventually got married herself and moved to England, and later found herself committed to a sanitarium as well. Altogether, this castle spent very little time inhabited by its owners.


Getting to this castle involves walking up a steep incline through a pine forest. Upon reaching the top, you are greeted with a frontal view of the castle that is like something from another world. There is no evidence of modern construction from the outside of the castle. Just a dirt road, stone structures, and pine trees. The architectural features include gothic windows, turrets, towers, and steep parapet roofs. Following the dirt path takes you to the interior courtyard, complete with a high stone wall. As you enter the castle, you find some modern features that reveal the 20th Century build. Steam radiators, electric switches, and bathroom fixtures somewhat dilute the ancient exterior façade. But many of the interior design choices seek to pay tribute to medieval styles. Besides some graffiti tags, the building is mostly original, and hopefully will someday be restored by a new owner.