Mountain Resort

This abandoned resort is located in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. It started as simple house with rooms for rent, and it would eventually grow to occupy 35 buildings on 1,200 acres. The resort had its own airstrip and post office. There was a strong emphasis on sports and leisure, as the facilities included locations for handball, tennis, skiing, ice skating, barrel jumping, and tobogganing, along with a championship golf course. In 1952, it became the first ski resort to use artificial snow. The setting of the film Dirty Dancing was supposedly inspired by a summer at this resort. But by the late 1960’s, the resort was falling out of favor as a vacation hotspot, resulting from cheap air travel and a variety of other new destinations. The resort was closed in 1986.


Walking through these buildings was somewhat disheartening, as nearly all of the buildings were ravaged by a tropical storm just the year before. The damage has allowed water to enter many of the buildings, and the structures continue to deteriorate with each passing rainstorm. The indoor pool area was the most unique, and the presence of old deck chairs was a nice surprise. Graffiti tags have defaced many of the surfaces, but you can still appreciate the beauty of the original structure. In another area, a coin-operated massage chair sits just outside a stone entryway. There is also an indoor area that feels like a small scale carnival. As interesting as these buildings are, it is hard to imagine they can ever be restored. The facility has had several different owners over the past few decades, but none has been able to produce a profitable plan for renovation, and the buildings remain vacant. The current owner is hoping to repurpose the resort for use as a casino.