Lonely Hotel Pool

This pool is located behind the site of a former hotel in Virginia, right on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay. I arrived at the property intending to photograph the hotel itself, but I was suprised to find that it had been torn down sometime within a few weeks prior to my arrival. Nothing remained except for the concrete foundation. After walking to the back of the property, I was happy to see that the pool was untouched by the demolition.

Based on the location and high land value of this site, I expect that this area will not sit vacant for long. The pool will either be torn up or filled in, and new commercial or residential buildings will soon follow. This isn't one of those stories where we lament, "oh it was such a beautiful property, and it's a shame that they tore it down." No, this one is quite the opposite. The hotel was quite plain looking, and I'm not surprised that it has been destroyed. Considering this property is visible from the insterstate, the new owners will hopefully construct something a bit more elegant.