My photography experience started with film, back in high school. My photography classes taught me the foundation that I needed to get the most out of this hobby. As technology changed over time, I eventually got into digital photography as my main style of shooting. There was a period of several years where I did not even own a film camera. However, I recently started collecting old film cameras. At first, I was collecting in order to put the cameras in my house, as a decoration. Then I got curious. What would it take to shoot film again? Do I need to develop my own film, and build a darkroom?  As I formed a plan to get back into shooting film, I started looking at my old cameras to see if any of them still functioned correctly. Then I bought a few more cameras. Then I scoured the web to learn about the cameras I owned, or cameras I wanted to own. I am starting to see that there is a depth to film images that is different from what you see in a digital photo. I have an aunt that was a printmaker for many years, and she has extolled the virtues of film for as long as I can remember. I am starting to realize that she was on to something. As I progress on this new path, I will post my new images on this page. Enjoy!