Catholic School

This Catholic School is located in the woods of Powahatan, VA. This historic landmark was established in the late 1800's as a school for African-American girls. The school was closed in 1970, and it has not been used in any official capacity since then. These photos show one large building with multiple wings, which is the only part of the school that remains. Interestingly enough, this site has formerly held as many as 50 buildings.



The exterior architecture appears very promising as you approach this building. There is elaborate stone work everywhere. The majority of rooms are simple and featureless, although some contain a level of decay that is downright creepy. One room features a prominent fireplace, and a kitchen still houses the shiny cooking appliances. The cathedral is by far the most interesting part of the school. Stained glass adorns two of the walls, and large Catholic statues are placed at the altar. There are no pews in the cathedral, but this area appears to be under construction. It is unknown if the school will ever be reopened, but gradual renovations on the structure provide hope that it will not be destroyed in the same fashion as the rest of the school buildings.